Trail To Find
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Frequently Asked Questions

- 1 - What is TrailToFind?

A guided tour of TrailToFind is available in the section Discover .
You will discover how to create and / or play TrailToFind treasure hunts.

- 2 - Why I do not see the description of checkpoints when I wacth the details of some treasurs hunts ?

When creating a treasure hunts, it is possible to activate the option to hide the description of checkpoints. In this case players must validate checkpoints to discover the descriptions.

- 3 - Is there a smartphone app for playing without an internet connection?

Unfortunately not yet. But that's foreseen. We will give you more details on the output of these applications as soon as possible.

- 4 - I have ideas for improving / upgrading TrailToFind. How can I share them ?

You can post your ideas to the following address :

- 5 - I want to edit checkpoints from a treasure hunt set I created. However these checkpoints have been found. How can I change them ?

It is not possible to modify checkpoints already found.

- 6 - I created a treasure hunt but I do not see it in list of all the treasure hunts. How can I find him ?

After you create it, you must publish it so that it can be seen by everyone. To do this you click the " published " button in the description of the treasure hunt. If it is not published yet, you can find it in the list of all the games you have created Mon compte > My created treasure hunts.


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