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What is TrailToFind?

TrailToFind is a platform for virtual orienteering or treasure hunts. Each race or game is composed of a series of check points. These check points are “GPS points” which you can associate a title and a description.

TrailToFind platform allows you to :

  • Create orienteering or virtual treasure hunts.
  • Play these orientation races or virtual treasure hunts.

Create orienteering or virtual treasure hunts.

In design mode, you have several options to specify:

  • If you want a specific departure and / or arrival check point.
  • If check points must be validated in a specific order.

You need, to create your race or game, put check points on a Google Map. To do that, you can:

  • Put these points by staying quietly at home in front of your computer / tablet.
  • You can also go outside and put a check point exactly where you are.

Participate in orientation races or virtual treasure hunts

To participate in a race or game, you will need your smartphone connected to the internet. You will then have to go to the GPS point of each check point to validate them. But beware, some games will require you to validate check points in a specific order.

At the end of the game, a ranking is established based on the number of check points found and the time it took you to validate them.

Have fun !


Discover TrailToFind platform