Communication with the team during the run

A summary sheet with all the useful phone numbers below will be set up by Loic BOURDON and send to all members of TQR team.

• Leader of refreshments points #1, #2, #3, #4

• Drivers of 4×4

• Medical team

Tracking runners

Tracking in refreshment points

Each leader of refreshment point will have a list with the official riders. They will note the time of passage of each runner.
May be : Loic will ask to each leader if it is possible to post this information of passage on Facebook to help friends, families to follow the adventure.

Tracking GPS

It will be able to follow Loic with GPS tracking system with this link

If other runners want to do the same Loic can help them if they want.


Stephanie propose to ask if she can borrow tents. If it’s possible, we could have a tent in each 4×4 to use them in case of medical assistance. And we can use 2 others in refreshment #1 and #2 to avoid volunteers to wait under the sun.

Refreshment points and bags

Runners bags for refreshment

All runners can prepare one bag for each refreshment with what they want inside. Food, water… This the best way to be sure to have what they want to go from one point to next one.

These bags must be deposited on Tuesday 20/02 or Wednesday 21/02 (times to be specified) at Loic BOURDON’s home.  (Asas Twin Tower (West Bay) – East Tower App – E2103)

Runners’ bags will be picked up by the leaders of each refueling point.

• Leader of refreshment #1 : Camille BOURDON

• Leader of refreshment #2 : Thierry Lesales

• Leader of refreshment #3 : Valérie Boscherel

• Leader of refreshment #4 : Azmi Sabran

Refreshment #3

Food on refreshment #3

Filipe suggests that on this refreshment, it would be useful to drink coffee and eat a hot dish (noodle soup …) to have enough energy for the night.

Filipe tries to find a kettle to plug into a car outlet to get hot water that can be added to food freeze dried (pasta / coffee, the …)

Sleeping on refreshment #3

An idea to be able to rest / sleep in good conditions would be to ask to Ad-Dosari Farm if they can help us.
Vinod tries to find the contact to ask if its possible.

Every runner who want to sleep has to bring his own sleeping bag.

Car service

Vinod has confirmed that two 4x4s are already with us to follow the riders. There will be one behind the last rider and another on the way, ready in case of emergency or to help runners by bringing them water.

Loic will check the way from salwa road up to the north with a driver to be sure that cars can follow runners all the time.

Vinod has confirmed that two more 4x4s can be with us with supplies if we specify our needs in terms of food and water.

Medical Assistance

What is certain

We will have at least one or two doctors on way the during the run.

What we try to have (without 100% guarantee)

We are trying to have a approval from ministry to be able ask ambulance.


Carpooling to go one star line

Some people would like to park their near refreshment point #2 or #3 before going to the start line. To do that, we have to organise a carpooling system.

Others need to be picked up from Doha

Loic setted up a Facebook post to organize it

Carpooling to comeback to Doha

Some people will need help to comeback to Doha.

Loic setted up a Facebook post to organize it

What a runner should have in his backpack

Below a list of what runners should have in their backpack :

• Mobile Phone with enough battery

• Supply of water and food reserve to be autonomous.

• 2 torches in good working

• Survival blanket (just in case)

• Whistle

• Jacket with hood (to withstand to the wind and possibly rain)

• Cap or bandana or Buff®…

• Additional warm second layer (for the night of the second part)


• Sunglasses and sun cream.

• Cream to avoid frictions like “Nok from akileine” or vaseline


Loic sends to Vinod the images already imagined for the creation of a T-shirt. Vinod will return as soon as possible to the group with several other proposals.

A vote will then be held to select the TQR T-shirt.

Once selected, Claire from Project Rescue Ocean Qatar will study how much of the price of the T-shirt could be supported.



Filipe proposes to celebrate the TQR by inviting us to a barbecue on Friday, March 2nd.

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